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There's a long process to paint your kitchen cabinets. If you do not properly prep your cabinets, you'll make certain that your paint finish won't last very long. Proper preparation also gives you an honest foundation to realize the gorgeous professional look that you simply want for your improved cabinets. There are 7 steps to preparing your kitchen cabinets to receive the simplest long-lasting finish.

The first step within the 7-step process is to get rid of all the hardware. you would like to get rid of your cabinet doors to form it easier to color your kitchen cabinets. most owners plan on reusing their hardware so it's extremely important to get rid of your hardware so as to guard your hardware against the subsequent steps within the 7-step process. After you remove your hardware, you would like to form sure you set your hinges, knobs, handles, and screws in a safe place so when the painting project is finalized, you'll easily install your hardware.

The next step is to mask your cabinets. The worst thing that you simply can do, is damaging your walls and countertops while trying to color your cabinets. When masking, you would like to hide everything, with paper or plastic, and use blue painters' tape for straightforward removal and release of the tape, from your walls, floor, and countertops. most people skip masking the ground, but proper masking will offer you sharp and clean lines on your floors. Painting on the brink of the ground may be a difficult task to start with, so confirm you tape off the ground and canopy the ground to stay from having to wash up paint splatters later. For best quality you may go for Best Quality Cabinets Cooper FL.

After everything is masked and covered up, the subsequent step is degreasing your cabinets. If you've got new cabinets that haven't endure the cooking environment, then skip this step. Most paints claim to dam stains, but oil stains are something different and any oil left behind will cause your painting job to fail, plus the oil stains will come through the paint. you do not want to place in 4 days of painting just to understand that you simply will get to repaint your cabinets to get rid of the oil stains. you'll use any degreaser, just make certain to wash all the degreaser from the cupboards once you're done.

Next is that the hardest part of the prepping process and that is sanding your cabinets. you initially must confirm the cupboards are dry from the degreasing process. Once you're sure the cupboards are dry, then you're getting too got to sand your cabinets. it is best to use 220 grit sanding paper or blocks. Anything coarser than 220 will cause deep scratches which will show through your paint finish, so confirm you do not use a rougher grit than 220. When sanding, you would like to form sure your cabinets do not have a shine or gloss. If your cabinets were stained and sealed, the sealer is that the clear coat, and therefore the sealer is what protects your cabinets, which includes protection from paint. So, you would like to sand the glossy protection from your cabinets.

Once you're done sanding cabinets, you would like to get rid of all the dust that's left afterward. Failure to get rid of all the dust from sanding can cause two problems. One problem is paint failure. Dust will prevent your primer from sticking to the cupboards properly. Which suggests your primer won't come directly in touch together with your cabinets and can be problematic at some point in the future. the opposite problem dust will create is supplying you with a gritty finish. Once the primer dries on dust, the primer will combat the characteristics of the dust, which may be a gritty texture. Plus, the gritty texture will make it hard to wash your cabinets later. Oil and dirt are going to be embedded within the pits that the sanding dust will create. you would like to use microfiber rags to get rid of the dust after you're vacuuming the dust away.

You will not attend to caulk after the degreaser and sanding is completed to stay from damaging your cabinet and wood filler. Then you'd repeat the dust removal process listed above. Even together with your caulking, you would like to use a really small hole to caulk your kitchen cabinets. confirm you smooth the caulk properly removing any excess caulk and residue because any caulk that may not smooth will show through you in your paint.

The last step to your very own prime cabinets. Before you prime, you would like to form sure your caulking is totally dry. If your caulk isn't thoroughly dry, then primer will caulk a slower dry and can cause a failure later. If you do not let your caulk dry then the caulk will shrink, crack or shrink and crack after you're done painting your cabinets.


In order to urge the kitchen cabinets, you'll not need a special reason. However, there are times when people don't make the choice of adjusting cabinets because they're in need of money. There are times when such circumstances are created when albeit you do not want to urge new kitchen cabinets, you're required to spend money on them.

If there's some certain event that has forced you to take position money within the buying cabinets then get the simplest ones. There are many choices in cabinets now available. Therefore, it'll not be hard for you to seek out the cupboards that fall in your budget.

Here are two of the reasons after which you would possibly need to purchase cabinets.


Natural disasters are often the primary reason for getting the cupboards repaired. thanks to immense rain, moisture can develop within the cabinets and if it stays there for long then the cupboards will get damaged needless to say. in any case, the cupboards are made out of wood and if wood remains moist for an extended time, then it breaks. That's not the sole disaster that will damage the cupboards. If a kitchen catch fire, then the cupboards will get destroyed within a snap. you'll need to redo your kitchen everywhere again. This loss will involve changing the cupboards. At last if you have quality work and material like Best Quality Cabinets Cooper FL it's hard to be breached by small disasters.


If you would like to sell your house within the coming months and you would like to urge the simplest price for your house then remodeling is that the best choice. It can improve the market price of your property. If your house is going to be consistent with the newest trends then it's obvious the buyers are going to be willing to pay an honest price for it. The kitchen is going to be the primary place from where most of the house remodeling projects begin. Changing the cupboards is going to be an honest idea to vary the design of your kitchen. This investment will offer you a return when your house is going to be sold.