• Sienna Adams


The garage door installation instructions in Jacksonville AR provided here are only general and do not constitute a complete set of instructions. For complete instructions, refer to your installation manual. However, installing a garage door is not as difficult as some may believe. It is necessary to be able to follow logical steps and to do so in the correct order. The measurements are the first order of business.

Before you begin, you'll need to take some accurate measurements. They'll help you figure out what size door you'll need and should be written down so you don't forget. Take the height and width of the door opening first. This will give you a starting point for your figures and, once again, will reflect the size of your door.

The next step is to determine your side-room.' This is the space between your door and the garage wall on the same side. You'll need at least 3-3/4 from the side for your vertical track for your standard extension spring and torsion spring. Then you'll need 5-1/2 for the extension spring.

Your next measurement will be to determine your 'headroom.' This is the amount of space from the top of the door to the ceiling. In this case, you'll need 10 for an extension spring and 12 for a torsion spring. If you find yourself in a situation where you have limited headroom, there is special hardware designed for the occasion. If you intend to install a garage door opener, you will require more headroom.

It's now time to gather the figures for the 'back-room.' This is the space between the garage door opening and the back of the garage wall. This should equal the height of your door plus another eighteen inches. And, as previously stated, if you intend to install a garage door opener, you will require more space.

After taking and writing down your measurements, you can now prepare the door opening for installation. A frame of 2x6 wood jambs should be installed on the inside of the door opening. This wood should be the same height as the headroom you measured earlier. They should be level and plumb, and any old wood should be replaced. If there are any bolts, make sure the heads are flush and not sticking out where they could get in the way of installing your new door.

We've arrived at the sections. The bottom section is the first to be prepared. Gather your hardware and arrange it on the garage floor in groups. Weather-stripping should be attached to the bottom section. This is best accomplished on top of saw horses. Because no two garage doors are alike, you must strictly adhere to the instructions in your manual. However, this is where the lift cable, hinges, and your reinforcement strut are attached.

Again, this is merely an outline of garage door installation in Jacksonville AR, and not an exact step-by-step instruction for any specific brand. Each one comes with its manual, but this article will give you an idea of what might be involved if you decide to install one yourself. It's not difficult once you get started. From here, simply attach the remaining sections and your handle, driving three nails into your wooden jambs on each side to keep the sections in place. You should never underestimate the importance of your installation manual.